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Well, it’s January now, and we’re less than four weeks away from the BUPA Challenge. Christmas is done, with remarkably little damage to the fitness! As promised, I’ve started throwing in a few more hills (I’m starting to know Lower North East Rd too well) culminating in yesterday’s first trip up to Mt Lofty summit:


Going UP was some of the slowest riding I’ve done, but I was happy to get to the lookout without doing too much damage. Coming down, of course, was a little different … I may have chewed through a couple of brake pads slowing down from 65kph in a few spots 🙂

Next week here in Adelaide has a lot of 40°-plus weather; hopefully it passes before the 25th. 

Time’s running out for the training; it’s also running out for the fundraising: so don’t be afraid to help out on the Cancer Council page!