Woops – big Easter weekend! Here in Australia we get four days off work, which means some of us need re-training on the Tuesday morning …

But it’s over now, and I have again re-read David St Lawrence on preparing yourself for self-employment (and surviving employment in the meantime). I have been employed for over 30 years, and have on a number of occasions trifled with the idea of working for myself – and have always wimped out. Part of this is because for most of that 30 years, I have found new and interesting work, and have been reasonably well-paid for doing it. That can be a trap – it becomes difficult to give up the benefits, and it’s easy to argue that the kids, the mortgage, the whatever all require you to remain employed.

I’m starting to run out of excuses now – the kids are essentially grown-up, and the mortgage is shrinking. This coincides with a period of relative boredom at work, and some changes in the environment there that will ultimately lead to an office where my face no longer fits. There will be less ‘fun’ work, too.  So I figure I have about twelve months to find something fun again.

A few years ago, I might have worried about being in this position. Now (while I, like most of us, am still only two paypackets away from mortgage foreclosure!) I see it more as a natural progression, even inevitable. This is probably why St Lawrence strikes a chord, and why I am trying to make some preparation for it now.

And what does this have to do with blogging? Well – writing a book/treatise/manifesto seems a bit disciplined for me, and nobody sees anything until you are finished. Blogging allows you to evolve the thinking (even change the direction completely), and involve feedback (hopefully) from others in similar situations. It becomes more random jottings, and the discipline can be applied later, when there may be something to apply it to. As well as that, this is a journey for me, where I can sort my own head out as long as I can keep writing. I COULD do this in private, but the motivation is unlikely to last – this way my ego will keep me going, maybe long enough to start some conversations which in turn creates a responsibility to continue participating.

Some of the things I want to explore include software development/implementation; marketing (particularly for microbusinesses, or whatever the fashionable description of a one-man show is these days); and whether or not blogging is any use for making money.

More anon …