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1.    I like the sound of my own typing (certainly don’t like the look of it most of the time)
2.    Hugh told me to; or at least wants me to learn (the hard way) the difference between smart and dumb
3.    Apparently, 25% of blog readers are blog writers – I’m just keeping the numbers up

So here I am, caught with my pants down and in the glare of the headlights, as scared as any other bunny. This is a bit about ego, and a lot about leaving comfort zones. It’s not about making money, it’s not about slagging the boss, it’s not about how many times I change my socks, and (despite the links) it’s not about sucking up.

It is about conversations with people interested in what work is, and is going to be; where business might/should/could go – and occasional diversions into the unknown. Hope to see you there …