1.    I like the sound of my own typing (certainly don’t like the look of it most of the time)
2.    Hugh told me to; or at least wants me to learn (the hard way) the difference between smart and dumb
3.    Apparently, 25% of blog readers are blog writers – I’m just keeping the numbers up

So here I am, caught with my pants down and in the glare of the headlights, as scared as any other bunny. This is a bit about ego, and a lot about leaving comfort zones. It’s not about making money, it’s not about slagging the boss, it’s not about how many times I change my socks, and (despite the links) it’s not about sucking up.

It is about conversations with people interested in what work is, and is going to be; where business might/should/could go – and occasional diversions into the unknown. Hope to see you there …

2 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. ‘Baby blog’ – I like that! Thanks for noticing, Alan – there will be be stuff about ‘work’ – I can’t say when, because I’m still not used to the idea of putting thoughts together like this. But so far it’s fun …

  2. Hi! Linked off you from Hugh and saw a brand new baby blog. Can’t resist the urge to be the first to post.
    The question of what work is and what it is going to be is one that is very much on my mind. Post some stuff on that.

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