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Attended an interesting seminar today with a guy called Peter Sheahan, who researches, consults and speaks about Generation Y (most of the audience was older – Gen X and boomers like me). Gen Y himself, he started by eliciting from us all the annoying/interesting things we see in Gen Ys in the workforce. All the usual suspects surfaced – always in a hurry, want to start at the top, needing constant stimulation, looking for life/work balance, have a social conscience etc. Most of this is the sort of thing that Tom Peters and David St Lawrence speak about (from the other end of the generational spectrum), and as Peter said – don’t we all want most of that – interesting, stimulating work, not having to wait for promotions, being well-paid …

As he also said, we (speaking as a boomer) brought up this generation to not only HAVE those expectations, but to have the balls and chutzpah to ask for their delivery up-front. Maybe instead of complaining about them, we should follow them through the corporate walls they break down.