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Reading Evelyn Rodriguez tonight in her post about bloggers as journalists in an age of ordinary art, and it seemed to fit my perception of where I am. While it would be tempting to think of oneself as better than average, this is about "ordinary" people speaking about real things – things which mean something to THEM, rather than anybody else. In total, these real voices add up to something very extraordinary – and even we will be surprised how powerful this ‘ordinary art’ can be.

It certainly seems to me to be a more accurate picture of the world than mainstream media paints for me (now THAT’S ugly!), given that much of that media is often the mouthpiece for its owner(s), dishonestly masquerading as balanced and unbiased. The answer to tightly-controlled mass media? – millions of individual voices each telling their own truths – biased and unbalanced perhaps, but transparently so, and willing to engage in conversation with those whose bias and imbalance collectively gives a more honest portrayal of a life of ordinary artistry – the wisdom of the many?