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As you may recall from an earlier post, I have a view on what sort of software a business should be implementing in different contexts.  So it’s interesting to find myself in a situation at work that bothers me a little. We have just commenced an implementation of Oracle/Peoplesoft/JDE/EnterpriseOne (pick whatever name you recognise!), and as the earlier post suggests, that is fine for the ‘lo-diff:hi-def‘ processes in the business.

But the monster is loose, and there is an influential posse that is now gunning to get rid of ALL development, because ‘we can’t do it as well as [insert name of favourite packaged software supplier here] because they have so many developers/so much R&D money’. See the previous post about where I think that puts me.

Now, it may be true. Maybe there ISN’T anything that this company does differently that give it an advantage – in which case I should get out before it is overrun by somebody else that does. Or maybe it DOES have ‘hi-diff:lo-def’ processes that provide an advantage that we don’t recognise/capitalise on – in which case I should get out before we let somebody else take advantage of it, and the company is overrun … and THAT’S why it’s time to get interested in networking!