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Spent a couple of days last week on a management development module, somewhat misleadingly titled "Leading and Managing People". More like "Leading and Managing Yourself" – the two days necessarily had to focus on small slice of the topic, so picked up on some ideas like learning styles – identifying your dominant learning style and the impact it might have on how you lead others – impression management, self-awareness and listening.

An interesting two days, that fits with an unusual (for me) period of introspection. This is not familiar territory, and I feel a little lost already! Those of you who have visited here before may remember that I am having some doubts about my future with my current employer (not necessarily their fault!), but I feel I have a long way to go before I know what I really want out of a career (still don’t know wat I want to be when I grow up …). I now have a three-week vacation to think about some of this.

Anyway, the lady leading the two days is a local entrepreneur – has had a training and development provider/consultancy (whose offices I have driven past a gazillion times without thought) for nearly 20 years, and was entertaining as well as informative. Her name is Denise Picton, and I had been warned that she had a story for every occasion! I suspect that some of us have added to her store of anecdotes …

Denise is also a blogger who is using a blog to aggregate articles of interest to her clients – she blogs light, and doesn’t open comments, but I think that’s the intention (mind you the only comment looks like spam anyway, so perhaps the strategy isn’t working). I couldn’t find any trackbacks either, so I’ll just have to give the link love via Technorati. Still, the site is an experiment, so I hope it works for her – she’s given me plenty to work on.