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In response to a comment from Henriette complaining about corporates turning up to Geek Dinners, Hugh responded:

For the Blogosphere to work well, it has to somewhat mirror the real world, not some geeked-out, fantasy Cluetrain utopia.

So far so good.

I tried to comment on his post with the following:

What makes Cluetrain a geeked-out fantasy utopia, Hugh? Having ridden the Cluetrain yourself so well and so long, do you now consider yourself above the conversation?

The response from Hugh’s blog?

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Oh Dear! It seems my comment spam filter doesn’t like what you
wrote… probably one of the words you used is also used a lot by
spammers, and therefor has been banned. Just type in the word “test”
and enter, to see if it’s working, and it should be fine.

Please correct the error in the form below, then press Post to post your comment.

Which was the offending word, Hugh? “Conversation” or “Cluetrain”?

[Update] Took the suggested action, and tried to post “test” – same result. Hugh – does your blog have a technical problem, or am I blacklisted??

[Further update] Subsequent comments to gapingvoid have required me to remove the URL of this blog – maybe Hugh doesn’t like it?

[Final update] Hugh is as puzzled as I am – see his comment …