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In a very narrow sense anyway!

Alan has put the question out there, and it deserves an answer.

"For your blog, how do you define success?"

I will consider this blog successful when I can post regularly with my own thoughts (as opposed to linking to other items of internet interest). I don’t think I’m consistent enough with my output, and I’m still coming to terms with the difficulty of writing "in public" – but that’s what will improve the writing. I could put this all down in a notebook (dead tree variety) and it would end up in the back of the filing cabinet with my old (bad) poetry. The thought that anybody COULD read this encourages me to make it better, more well-thought-out, hopefully more interesting.

The fact that some fairly smart and generous people HAVE read it, and even returned, completely blows me away. These are people with whom I have enjoyed several virtual discussions – and you’ll find most of them down the side of the page here. These are all very different people – from each other as well as me – and I don’t necessarily agree with them all the time. But it’s great fun talking to them all, and if this blog has helped to find them, then it’s already exceeded my expectations.

I don’t expect this blog to make my fortune (but if it does, I’ll accept it graciously!), nor do I expect to ever make the Technorati Top100. I DO expect this blog to sharpen up some of my thoughts on technology in a business environment – and it’s certainly helping.

Is that enough of a success for you, Alan?