Anybody looking in the side panel will notice I am using CoComment. This is a funky little gem which allows me to show what I am saying elsewhere here on my own blog (it will show other related comments, but only if the other commentor is using CoCo as well). Given I probably write more on other blogs than my own, I’m pleased that I can have that stuff here as well. Like a lot of things, it was Hugh that that brought it to my attention, and if you visit the site you’ll learn more. You need an invite to get the beta, but you can ask for one there, or let me know and I’ll send one.

It’s definitely a work in progress, and there are still a few blogs it won’t work on, but I suspect that a lot of these problems will be fixed soon.

5 thoughts on “Some fun stuff

  1. This sounds like a really great tool. I comment on various blogs and sometimes I repost my comments on my blog to further develop an entry. This will save me some time – how may I get an invite?

  2. Tim – so harsh! Trackbacking is for posts, and is very useful if I want to acknowledge someone else’s writing while I’m referring to it (and to give out some linklove). But MY comments on someone else’s blog, while (I believe) being an important part of conversation, were lost to me – CoComment allows me to include HERE my writing elsewhere.
    Barrier to entry? It’s now an open beta, so you can just grab the bookmarklet from the site …

  3. Leisa
    That will improve as more people use the tool, and as well the developers are working on picking up all comments in a thread even if commentors aren’t ‘CoCommentors”

  4. hey Ric,
    I’ve been playing with CoComment the last few days and have discovered that only the comments of other coComment users are tracked… so you *think* that there’s been no conversation going on and then go back to the blog and suddenly you discover that people have been chatting away afterall.
    its a little annoying…. although also pretty logical come to think of it.
    unfortunately, I think it really detracts from the value of CoComment – for me it is now just a list of sites that I’ve commented on, and I still have to go back to the sites to check in on the conversation.
    ah well… good thing its still in Beta I guess 🙂

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