Well, it’s not not necessarily like that, but there were certainly a lot of calls for TP to implement CAPTCHAs to help reduce comment spam, and on Tuesday they did. So this post is just a quickie to let you know that (having received my very first comment spam recently) I have turned the feature on, which hopefully means less angst about whether or not to delete crap comments! You can use a TypeKey ID if you want, but it’s not required – I prefer to have the comments as open as possible. I’m actually going to post a comment to try it out now ….

Hat tip to Fred Wilson.

5 thoughts on “TypePad succumbs to public pressure

  1. Ed – that intuitively makes sense – I know I’ve avoided commenting where I feel I’d need to jump through hoops to do so

  2. I’d rather jump through a CAPTCHA hoop than register at yet another WordPress blog in order to leave a quick comment.
    I recently ran across an article that showed registrations can actually lower the quality of conversation since busy people are less likely to contribute their thoughts than people with way too much time on their hands.

  3. If I was hosting my own blog, I’d agree – but I’m not too unhappy with TP, and with pressure from John T Unger and others, they are getting better. I’ve played with WordPress locally, and I’ve seen plenty of WP blogs (and yes they have some great plugins to reduce comment spam) – but this wasn’t meant to be a comparison between blog engines, just an appreciative comment for some progress on the one I’m using 🙂

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