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I now have a mental image of what might be encompassed by the job title “Manager, IT Innovation” – and it looks like this (well, not really – my mind is actually much messier):

Props to Paul Williams, who discussed tasks in innovation over at Corante, which formed the starting point for this. Paul will probably recognise a lot of the nodes in the mindmap above (created in Freemind BTW). Thanks also to James at Redmonk for his input on idea management – Corante and Redmonk both get a mention above as examples!

As discussed in my previous post, I’m not sure whether the “innovation” function should continue the idea until it is operational (which may be good for consistency of vision and momentum), or hand-over a project after a successful pilot (good because it allows us to go on with other ideas without getting bogged down in operational issues).

More thinking is under way, and as always, comments are appreciated.

[Update: Hopefully the image is a little clearer now and has some additions, and for those WITH Freemind, here is the “.mm”: Download (Thanks for the comment, Earl)]

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