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Using hReview for blog posts

  Aug 31, 2006  by





Cote is something of an evangelist about Microformats, and he and I have had a couple of discussions about using them a little more widely in blogging. Both of us use the hCard format on our About pages, and I wondered aloud whether the hReview format could be used to add a parseable structure to a blog entry – so this is the experiment. It will be interesting to see whether or not Performancing and Typepad can handle this …



    hReview brought to you by the
    hReview Creator.

Well the answer is that it looks OK in Performancing, but leaves a little to be desired in TP!

[further update] Well, after cycling it through Performancing it again, it looks considerably better (the spacing DOES seem a little strange …)

[Next update] I’m a bit slow … Cote has already done it (although he doesn’t brag about it) when discussing a new service from Yahoo! called Upcoming – he is also using the hReview format. Not bad for a guy on holidays …