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A couple of things:

I’ve done a Fred Wilson and loaded up some bling in my sidebars (apologies to all those with a slow connection, but I like it …) – I’ve swapped the Bloglines blogroll for a Grazr ‘window’, in which you can explore some of the links without necessarily leaving here; plus I’ve added the links postings (I know it’s slack, but it is another way of indicating that I AM active in the blogosphere even though I’m not posting).

I think the Root Worm is new since the last time I spoke about this (I hope /Root updates the extension to be FF2 compatible soon – I’m using FF2 at home now, and the attention recorder doesn’t work with it, so it doesn’t collect my travels), as is the link to, a microfinancing initiative where you can help out entrepreneurs in less-developed countries without investing a lot of money.

BUT – the biggie is a grab for your money, something I’ve previously said I wouldn’t do on this blog. On the left sidebar is a link to Curt Rosengren’s eBook “The Occupational Adventure Guide” which is offered via an affiliate program – any sales via this blog mean a payment to me.

So how do I explain myself?

1. It’s an experiment
2. I found the book useful, and I’m happy to support Curt’s efforts in getting it around
3. I can’t really – maybe I see things a little differently now, maybe I’m just looking for money – not that I expect to get a great deal out of it financially.

Does it matter?

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