A couple of things:

I’ve done a Fred Wilson and loaded up some bling in my sidebars (apologies to all those with a slow connection, but I like it …) – I’ve swapped the Bloglines blogroll for a Grazr ‘window’, in which you can explore some of the links without necessarily leaving here; plus I’ve added the del.icio.us links postings (I know it’s slack, but it is another way of indicating that I AM active in the blogosphere even though I’m not posting).

I think the Root Worm is new since the last time I spoke about this (I hope /Root updates the extension to be FF2 compatible soon – I’m using FF2 at home now, and the attention recorder doesn’t work with it, so it doesn’t collect my travels), as is the link to kiva.org, a microfinancing initiative where you can help out entrepreneurs in less-developed countries without investing a lot of money.

BUT – the biggie is a grab for your money, something I’ve previously said I wouldn’t do on this blog. On the left sidebar is a link to Curt Rosengren’s eBook “The Occupational Adventure Guide” which is offered via an affiliate program – any sales via this blog mean a payment to me.

So how do I explain myself?

1. It’s an experiment
2. I found the book useful, and I’m happy to support Curt’s efforts in getting it around
3. I can’t really – maybe I see things a little differently now, maybe I’m just looking for money – not that I expect to get a great deal out of it financially.

Does it matter?

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2 thoughts on “Blings and things (Mammon raises his ugly head …)

  1. The cocomment widget is cool–I hadn’t seen that before. As for marketing an e-book that you enjoyed, I think it makes a lot of sense. I was reading some blog post last night about how difficult it is for us to make choices and so we use all sorts of shortcuts to get through the day. One of the main things we do is rely on the recommendations of other people, so it’s helpful to know what you liked well enough to stick it on your sidebar.

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