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Well another Christmas celebration is over … the presents are all packed away and the rubbish cleared. It was another cold one in Adelaide (relatively), but that didn’t prevent us from enjoying the large family gathering on Christmas Eve, the opening of presents and BBQ breakfast on Christmas morning, and the lazy day that followed with some (not too much!) tennis, volleyball and cricket to play.

Then an Australian bloke’s favourite post-Christmas activity – Boxing Day in front of the TV watching an Ashes Test (those of you who don’t know/understand/appreciate cricket can tune out now). Completely chilled out, watching Shane Warne destroy another English innings (and take his 700th wicket along the way).

Warne’s retirement was on my mind today when I read Mark Cuban’s post about sports marketing and the sanitisation of athletes’ public personalities. Warne was a character on and off the field, and his personal life (lived very publicly!)  made him a figure that attracted attention to his game. I think Cuban would be reasonably happy with the “rivalry” between England and Australia on the cricket pitch, too – plenty of trash talk to go around!

(As a footnote – I watched Good Night and Good Luck on DVD last night – noticed Mark Cuban was involved in that too)

Now – back to work … for my sins I’m in the office between Christmas and New Year.

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