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My last post about IBM’s apparent reluctance to go down the SaaS path has generated some activity – James included the story in his ‘Blogs as RFPs‘ post, Coté had some more words to say, James and I have been swapping emails about it, and the mysterious “IBM channel partner” is now thinking about blogging (good move, Nick). Oh – and I have had a few IBM-ers show up in my traffic stats …

Nick has managed to get us a 90-day free trial of RequisitePro (had to use his OWN license to do it), so we’re sorted for this project, and maybe that will be enough to persuade us to purchase an on-premise copy. But the points I made in the previous post still stand – I wasn’t insisting on a freebie – I was happy to pay a reasonable rental for ‘on-demand’ access to the product (remember IBM – they’re the ‘on-demand’ company?), and if and when we needed it again, we could have done the same thing. We might even have found it SO useful that we’d be happy to buy on-premise licenses – but a SaaS model reduces the risk for potential customers, without having to give away software.

Never mind – there might be some good partnerships come out of this anyway.

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