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Some odds and sods:

Talking to James last night, using Rebtel – he’d just set me up a local (Australian) number to ring him on, avoiding international call costs. He has a bit to say about it here.

Anyway, during the conversation he called me out on something I mentioned in passing, and he said “blog it!” … my next tag post will include my attempt to handball it to him, but I’m feeling guilty, so:

Playing around (like I do with most things) with OpenID, I picked one up from MyOpenID. They have a featured site on the home page (currently it’s Jyte – another thing to play with!) – when I signed up it was ClaimID. ClaimID obviously is a site at which you can use your shiny new OpenID, and it also allows you to define elements of your Web identity, by identifying some instances of “you” as being “you”, AND pointing out things that might LOOK like “you”, but aren’t. That sounds pretty lame, but let me illustrate: a Google search on my name gives you at least two different people – I’m six of the top ten results, but I’m not a life coach, nor am I associated with Geekzilla. And I’ve never been a contractor to BT – I’m not sure if that makes three other people with the same name, or one hyperactive alter-ego! I have no problem with the other Ric(s), but he’s/they’re not me.

ClaimID gives me a way to tell the world that: by defining things “about me”/”by me” or otherwise. I suspect that if it gets popular you might get arguments about who’s who and who’s paying the rent, but until it gets gamed it seems useful.

On the subject of web-based mind-mapping tools: as well as Anne and myself, Chuck Frey at Innovationtools has been blogging about Mindomo, MindMeister, and Thinkature.

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