No sooner had I signed up for Twitter finally, than Stowe Boyd pointed the way to Jaiku. This seems more complete – you can actually include anything with an RSS feed – Flickr, Twitter,, your blog, … so it gives a much broader view of your Web presence, or “lifestream”, as Boyd phrased it. The really sweet thing is that you can have comments on anything streamed through Jaiku (is this a meta-community – comments on comments?). When you find someone on Jaiku, you can be selective about which of their streams you subscribe to – for instance if you have already subscribed to someone’s blog, you don’t need to do it again via jaiku (but you COULD swap your subscriptions around …). If you want to check it out, I’m aqualung there, too.

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One thought on “Stream of Presence

  1. Hello aqualung,
    I see Twitter and Jaiku having a huge success. They represent the need to promote our Web presence in a sort of public space.
    For anyone who wants to take the (Web) presence as a personal and private space, I suggest to give a look at Hictu:
    It provides a useful way to manage contacts on the Web, giving an overall view of the main communication means we all use while in Internet: IM, VoIP, Click-To-Call, etc. Still in Beta version, Hictu is improving week after week.
    Best Regards,

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