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First – let me say I have read and enjoyed Guy Kawasaki’s blog since it started, have commented on it, and have had a free copy of The Art of the Start from him (signed, even) in what seems a gracious gesture to somebody on the other side of the world.

But I read this post from Kent Newsome a few days back, and bookmarked it to come back to later. It left me a little uneasy – Kent referred to a video interview (on Jeremiah Owyang’s blog) that Guy Kawasaki gave in which he admitted to two things: he really cares about his Technorati ranking (and wants to be top ten); and he doesn’t read ANY other blogs … (not entirely true – he has about 40 feeds in his reader [update – in a comment on Kent’s blog, he checked and it was 22]) – but the inference is obvious: we should read him, he doesn’t need to read us.

He admits to having used his extensive email address book to announce his entry into blogging – thousands of emails. The classic line: "it’s only spam if you’re receiving, it’s not spam if you’re sending" – that sounds a fraction cynical to me.

Kent’s take? … "Part of me wants to unsubscribe after watching this interview." Well, Kent, I don’t know what you ended up doing – but Guy is no longer in my blogroll – which will no doubt make not one iota of difference to Guy’s Technorati ranking, may well be the mewling rant of a sooky Z-lister, and may even appear ungrateful – but I feel better for it.

I’m one of those people formerly known as the audience …

He DOES bag other A-listers mercilessly, though …

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