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Few years back, I worked with a girl called Bernadette – great kid, smart, gave me a hard time over accounting systems (the last two are probably related!), and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She moved on to other jobs and places, but another colleague kept in touch over the years, and would let me know when big things happened with Bernadette – marriage, baby – stuff like that.

Today’s update was a little less happy – Bernadette is fighting Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and has been for some time. I won’t try and tell her story for her – she’s blogged pretty much every day of it herself. I would encourage you all to go read a bit of it – warning: it’s not always pretty reading, but I think you’ll be impressed by the spirit, strength and honesty of it. Check it out at Bernadette’s Hodgkin’s Journey

Bernadette wants to set up a charity, because, as she says “there are no services out there specifically to support mums who are
diagnosed with cancer whilst pregnant or with young babies and/or
toddlers”. She’d like help with some ideas, so if you have any, perhaps add your comments to her post.

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