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Dennis has issued a challenge in a comment on my post about FreeAgent Central: find 100 people in Australia willing to give FAC a try, and there’s the carrot of not only an Australian version, but 6 months free subscription to the service to participants.

All good, although my level of readership may make it difficult! Still – nothing will happen unless I try:

If you are (or know of) a small (1 – 3 person) professional consultancy/practice (it would possibly fit a tradesperson as well) who currently does their bookkeeping in a shoebox, leave some details here, or at Dennis’ blog, or the FAC blog. By all means give the service a try as it is, but bear in mind it’s made for the UK – all pounds sterling and VAT (but that’s what we’re trying to change, right?).

You can also keep up with what people are saying about FAC via, and if you’re really nice you might even help with the challenge by spreading the word to any Australians you know!

Disclosure: I have absolutely no financial interest in the outcome of this – I’d just like to see more Software-as-a-Service stuff happening.

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