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Spent a whole day last week (10 hours solid) being part of a corporate video for Progress Software … had a ‘talking head ‘ piece that took a hour and a half to film, gave me a splitting headache, and will probably end up being fifteen seconds worth …

It’s all around the ESB project I blogged about earlier – apparently there’s not a lot of it going on yet in Australia, so we’re news and they love us (until someone else gets something finished?). One of my colleagues was going to present the project to the Progress Technology World conference in a couple of weeks, but it looks like he may not be able to do it … so my fifteen seconds might turn into fifteen minutes (which is why I’m thinking of stealing Stephen’s presentation format …).

I’m also feverishly trying to put together a software deployment strategy that is architectural rather than application-centric, weaving together portal/SOA/ESB as away of putting stuff in front of people that is agnostic about the applications behind it – yeah, I know it’s old news, but only in the echo chamber … in my reality, they still install applications first, and ask questions later.

We’ve also inherited some IBM Portal/Sametime/Quickplace licenses via a takeover, so I have until 31st August (license renewal date) to persuade the boss of any value in keeping them. I’m reasonably cool with Sametime – that has fairly wide-spread use already. The Quickplace/Quickr licenses are bundled with Sametime, so that’s more an issue of updating them and getting them used.

Portal is a bit tougher – it looks like it has some good document/content management stuff, but the person responsible for our content management has a specific application in mind (what was I saying earlier?) so I need to find some other hooks. That partly explains the deployment strategy above, and I’m trying to avoid the “I’ve got a hammer, where’s the nail?” syndrome … but picking up half a million dollars worth of software for the cost of maintenance IS tempting.

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