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Responding to Kent Newsome’s request for input to his "swivel feeds" experiment … I tried posting a comment but seemed to have some trouble, so:

Kent – I’m honoured! The only problem with being this far down the alphabet is that a lot of blogs I might have recommended have been taken. Never mind – I thought I might share some other Australian blogs with you , because you might otherwise not come across them – most of my regular reads have a technical bent, but I find these interesting:
Stephen Collins
Earl Mardle
Michael Specht

Then a very moving account of dealing with Hodgkin’s lymphoma from a girl I used to work with:
Bernadette Martin

And a couple of others for good measure:
Jon Husband
Stephen O’Grady
and a couple of colleagues:
Nick Hortovanyi
Tim Riley

Ooops – that’s more than five … sorry, but I have more!

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