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About two years ago, I circulated an email to some of my network speaking of my intentions to leave my employer. Almost exactly two years later, I’ve finally done it (I didn’t want to rush into it, obviously). After 27 years behind the corporate firewall, I decided it was time to test myself in some less-charted waters – so I have set up a consultancy business called achurch & associates to see if I can make something of it.
Now,  some would consider that leaving a well-paid and relatively secure position for the risk and adventure of self-employment in what is considered the worst recession in generations is the action of a crazy, deranged fool. But in the end, the desire to make the attempt proved too strong; plus I have a view about the current economic situation that allows me to see an opportunity to create real, rather than ephemeral, value from my efforts. There is also the thought that, paraphrasing the famous song, “if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere”.
So the plunge has been taken – my last day of permanent employment is 10th July, and so begins the fun.
The next few posts will be an attempt to articulate my approach to this business:

To those of you who I told earlier – thanks for your expressions of support and enthusiasm … it’s reassuring to know that other people think this might work!