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This post is really just a summary of what tools I’ll be using for the time being, both for the administration of the business and its execution.


Google Apps
Mail, calendaring, contacts and simple, shareable documents are all hosted by Google Apps for your Domain
Provided by Saasu, also hosted. Financial transactions, invoices, purchases and simple inventory in the cloud
TOGAF, BPMN, standard and customised UML modelling and more: Enterprise Architect by Sparxsystems – a comprehensive tool at a great price … AND it’s Australian! 
For outlining and brainstorming: Freemind (I’m using the v0.9 beta) – a clean, easy to use mindmapping tool; free and open-source
Office tools
Documents/spreadsheet/presentation: Google Docs,, MS Office
Browser: Firefox
Mail client: Web, Thunderbird
Voice: the mobile phone and Skype
IM: Skype, Google Talk and Twitter
Text: Typepad (this blog), shared Google Docs
Presentations: Slideshare
Some kind of landing page will be forthcoming, but for the foreseeable future this blog will continue to be the main vehicle for long-form information about the venture.

It will be obvious to you all that I am fairly committed to the cloud – for accessibility as well as cost reasons. I also suspect that these various providers will do a better job of back-up and recovery than I would 🙂

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