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Briefly stated, the purpose of achurch & associates is to help make your business better. Now I KNOW that sounds a bit trite, so let’s parse it:
I’ve got experience in fast food, selling, the factory floor and (mainly) information systems. I have qualifications in marketing and finance, and 25 years of implementing business software … I can help. But I can’t do it for you – you need to participate in your own redemption! So I’ll help you figure out how your business might work better than it does now – and just like your accountant, lawyer and engineer I come to the table with a particular “technical” skill set, centred in practical uses for information technology.
this is a verb – there needs to be some activity come out of it all. An idea only becomes an innovation when it is actioned and implemented; advice only becomes beneficial when it is followed by action. My stock in trade is mainly words, but there will be some about implementation.
it’s your business, and it’s different from everybody else’s in a number of significant ways (it’s also similar to everybody else’s in a lot of others – but if you aren’t different in some way, you can’t compete on anything but price – and that’s not where you want to be). It’s also your responsibility and your decision to accept or reject my advice, and it’s your idea of “success” that matters with the outcomes.
hobbies are fun, and I’m happy to compare notes on leisure activities any time … but we’re talking about a business here, not a science project, and there are some particular outcomes to business activities that are important … and they usually revolve around value in some way.
this is your definition – what “better” means to you is what counts, and if we can’t agree on that I’ll walk away – no harm no foul. I don’t know everything and I can’t do everything, so even if we agree on “better”, if I don’t think I can help I’ll walk away – no harm no foul. In that case if I know somebody else who CAN help you, I’ll introduce you to them – no obligation involved.
Comments and questions are welcomed …



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