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They used to be polar opposites. One was the epitome of 20th century business; the other, the textbook example of a better kind of business. By mass-producing, mass-marketing, and relentlessly hard-selling sugar water to kids and the poor, Coca-Cola rose to global prominence and market dominance: thin, artificial value had little better example. But Google's rise was powered by exactly the opposite: building a more meaningful media marketplace, that created authentic value for all.

That was yesterday. Today, Google is the new Coke.


Another Umair post designed to get just the sort of reaction it does … Umair often seems long on metaphor and short on example, but that is because he assumes an extant knowledge of what came before that a few of his commenters apparently lack. With this post, Haque pens a polemic around the familiar unnovation and thin value memes, this time lining up Google's deal with the music industry.

As always the post finishes with the invitation to "fire away in the comments" … and a few do. A few miss the point, but others make a good start to a pro-Vevo argument. And this is where the provocative style pays off for Umair – never read one of his posts without reading the comments; it is where value gets generated, and Umair himself will explain his points more fully.

My big gripe with him? – that after all the talk about thin value, obsolete business models, unnovation, etc; he's still on the Harvard Business site, with pre-roll ads, Flash banners and animated ads … a more stark contrast between content and context is hard to imagine!

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