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Potentially we could look at opening up office and non-shop front space for start up businesses, probably with the idea that eventually those companies will end up being up to take over a more formal lease. There’s a bit of a focus on supporting creative industries and innovative knowledge economy stuff in the ACC’s strategic plan and we’d be keen to facilitate that.


It's probably worth keeping an eye on this blog if you're an Adelaidean – there's some great thoughts on resurrecting urban spaces and reclaiming the night from the suburban hordes on the weekends (I say that as a member of said horde by the way 🙂 )

The idea above particularly appealed to me, as a freshly-minted small business roughly placed in the "knowledge economy", particularly if you need a workspace rather than a place for people to come to (a bit difficult if you move every month!). Sharing some space with creative types at least some of the time would keep your own creative spark alive, and potentially open up some new business ideas to explore.

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