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Umair again puts the blowtorch to the feet of what passes for business acumen, showing that wisdom has largely been replaced by "best practice" and "values" statements from organisations that focus inwards rather than out into society …

The scarcest, rarest, and most valuable resource in the world today is wisdom. The countries, companies, and people that possess it will prosper. In many ways, wisdom is the opposite of strategy — and today, it is strategy, bought by the dozen from legions of besuited, back-slapping consultants, that is cheap, abundant, and worth little.

How large is the economic gap between wisdom and strategy? It begins in the billions. JPMorgan wasn't wise, and now it has to set aside $3 billion in "model-uncertainty reserves." Toyota wasn't wise — and the price of that lack of wisdom is already $10 billion and rising. Think wisdom's warm-and-fuzzy? Think again. It's as hard-as-nails, and as sharp as a razor.


The whole manifesto is a powerful contrasting of strategy (as generally practiced) and wisdom, and why strategy is no longer the prism to view our businesses and economies through …