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By arguing that employee and customer satisfaction go hand in hand while having an eye on cross organization collaboration, you’re paving the way towards improved revenue generation coupled with the more responsive, agile business

Note that I’m not mentioning cost reduction. Neither am I mentioning innovation. To me, these are a natural fall out of the work done in improving employee satisfaction. Revenue generation/agility arises because it doesn’t make sense to work inefficiently in organizations where collaboration is fruitful and where employees are satisfyingly engaged. Innovation arises because people want to do things better. It sounds like Nirvana and perhaps that’s true for many large organizations but I have seen this way of viewing the world reap remarkable results.


A few people have got the idea that Dennis is opposed to the whole idea of Enterprise 2.0 – he certainly calls bullshit on E2.0 hype whenever and wherever possible. But don't be fooled – Dennis understands the potential of "social networking" and "social media" better than most … he just thinks we're going about spreading the meme in something of a half-arsed manner, particularly behind the firewall.

And he's right – find me a CEO who appreciates being told that you've got this great new shiny thing that is going to obliterate the company hierarchy that she sits so comfortably atop, and give the employees even more ways to be disorganised. Never happen, captain. However, tell her there's a way to generate revenue and agility by improving employee satisfaction and cross-silo collaboration and she's much more interested.

To a certain extent, this is Dennis coming out of the closet … but I never thought he was resisting the E2.0 concept – just pushing us to find clearer, more cogent and ultimately much better arguments for it. This post is just another elbow to our collective ribs …