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The whole approach just seemed so at odds with Google's past fiery statements on the issue. Maybe we misread the search engine giant's previous statements, we worried. Until this month, wasn't Google one of net neutrality's biggest advocates?

So this morning we re-read three Google documents again—filings with the FCC going back to 2007, shortly after Google's Eric Schmidt first asked the public to "take action to protect Internet freedom."

Comparing "Google Then" with "Google Now," the differences seem pretty stark. Google Then raised strong objections to three major points in the Google/Verizon statement that Google Now endorses.


And Ars Technica avoids any judgement on the pros and cons of the Google/Verizon proposal, but neatly skewers Google's apparent about-face on some of its key aspects … it would be funny if it wasn't so upsetting.