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At the risk of being slammed for “so what” blogging 🙂 – I Tweeted earlier my voting intentions (as part of a Twitter stream around the Coalition’s broadband policy – check out the #ausvotes and #nbn hashtags from today), but figured that 140 characters wasn’t going to cut it for an explanation.

Lower House: despite their recent vacillations over acting on the “greatest moral challenge of our time”, Labor is still the most likely “party able to form government” to take some constructive action over climate change; and they have the NBN. For me (let me repeat that: for ME) these are the two key differentiators between the two major parties – bearing in mind that I am somewhat Left-leaning at the best of times.

Senate: Greens – because they are *likely* to support climate change action from the ALP, they support the NBN, and they oppose the internet filter and data retention proposals.

In an election characterised by a race to the bottom, it comes down to those four things for me. On the Internet ISP-level filter, and the data-retention proposals from the ALP, I would like to remind them that they are NOT a single-issue party – a vote for the ALP only means that ON BALANCE I prefer their policy mix, not every facet of it. Senator Conroy, don’t come back after the election and assume that I have given you a mandate to censor me and peruse my Web wanderings.