The first question to answer is why did Fragile to Agile develop its own framework rather than use an existing framework like Zachmann or TOGAF?  … Firstly, in our experience none of the existing frameworks resonate with non technology people. The general reaction of business executives to Zachmann or TOGAF is akin to “ah, that’s an IT thing; I don’t need to understand that”. This is a poor starting point for a discipline that must be engaged with the business from beginning to end to be successful.


While TOGAF (with version 9) has made some steps towards a greater business orientation, it DOES have an IT background, and will take some time to shake off that tag, if it ever does. TOGAF and other "high-ceremony" methodologies, taxonomies and frameworks also threaten a large and expensive project to implement – F2A is applicable out of the box, and can create value in a matter of weeks.