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OK – so I’ve decided to ride 92km next January, and the furthest I’ve ridden up until now is about 40km less than that. Time to start work … 

Last Thursday I decided to push it a bit on a ride I’ve done before:


That’s actually the fastest pace I’ve done, so was pretty happy. 

Had a couple of more leisurely rides over the weekend with Cheryl, about 80km in total. 

This morning I thought I’d see if I could ride the full length of Linear Park … and at about 42km in caught the front wheel in a gap between two concrete slabs at ~30kph. So there is a slight setback in the training while I now recover from a strained AC joint, bruised ribs and various other bruises and grazes 🙂

Perhaps worst of all, I don’t even have a record of the ride – it seems I killed the iPhone in the crash (I use the Runkeeper app, which is where the graphic above came from) – no cracks or breaks, but it won’t power up anymore. I need a new helmet too – this one has had its one and only “major impact”. I’m glad I started this process early – it might be a week or so before I’m back on the bike!

More later … don’t forget the sponsorship page can be found here.