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With the crash a couple of weeks ago, and a week in the sun and warmth of Darwin, it’s been a while between rides. We took a gentle ride around the parklands of Adelaide on Sunday; by the time we’d run into a bunch of friends along the way and stopped for coffee and eats at St Peters Bakery, we had taken nearly four hours to cover about 28kms! Like I said – “gentle”.

I couldn’t get a satellite fix with the phone (apparently a global problem last weekend with Galaxy Nexus), so no record of it. By today’s ride, the GPS issue was fixed, so here it is:



This much I can tell you for free: whatever condition I was in a couple of weeks ago, it doesn’t take long to lose it! After the ride (which I was pretty happy with, really) I did a quick roll-call of pain: the shoulder was fine, but the back, hips and ribs still feel like they’re all in the wrong spot – I suspect I need a bit of physio/chiro to re-align them all 🙂 

This ride took me past the crash site again – I took that bend with care and a tight sphincter!

 A note about donations – apparently the Cancer Council’s payment gateway wasn’t working properly, and the first few didn’t actually happen. Anyone affected should have been contacted by now by the Council (even those walking around Rome at the time!). I’ll add my apologies to theirs, and thanks to all who have (re-)contributed – love ya guts!

Hopefully rides will be more regular now, and this update series will be weekly (roughly … as I remember to post!)  

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