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Well that was a bit too long a break – sorry 🙂 I got slowed down a little by another injury – golfing rather than cycling this time! Managed to step into a sprinkler hole leaving the 8th green at Tanunda Pines … you can all stop laughing now.

Getting a little close now, only about 6 weeks to go, so I’m starting to add some distance (trying to get some callouses on my bum?) – this was Saturday’s ride:


Not much in the way of hills, but there was a serious 30-40kph breeze from the south, so that trip down the coast was unpleasant, to say the least. It got a little better when I moved a block back from the beachfront …

Now comes the challenge of Christmas – not just getting rides in, but avoiding the tempting excess of good cheer! 


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