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Only a couple more sleeps, and we’re on … I’m a little surprised that I’m excited at the thought of flogging my body like this 🙂

Today’s ride was a relatively easy 50km down to the beach and back – Tour Down Under certainly has dragged a lot of cyclists out of the woodwork; they’re all over the place. The interesting parts were coming through the city at morning peak time (weaving around a dozen buses in Grote Street) and riding through the Britannia roundabout (Adelaide folk will know that one).


There’ll be one more ride tomorrow, probably a short one just to keep the muscles a bit loose, and then day after tomorrow it’s BUPA time – which will mean getting up about 5am to be at Kersbrook for the safety briefing before we take off. The day looks like it’ll be reasonably cool; current forecast is for about 25C and southerly winds (which will help on the stretch between Birdwood and Angaston). Given that tomorrow (Thursday) is forecast to be 38C, it could have been a lot worse!

Next update will probably be the aftermath of the ride – hopefully it’s all good news then!

At time of writing, I’m just a few dollars short of my fundraising target – it would be nice to get there, so if you want to help out , it’s all on the Cancer Council page!