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It has become one of the most successful charitable memes, certainly more successful than anticipated. In fact, it could be argued that the whole thing started by accident, but however it started, it currently defines “viral”, to the extent that is has attracted criticism for its success. It is, of course, the #IceBucketChallenge, and of course the inevitable has happened, and I’ve been tagged (thanks to my perhaps-not-favourite nephew, Ivan 🙂 ).

I’ll admit most instances of this sort of exercise would usually pass me by without reaction, beyond perhaps a detached amusement. And even now I’m uncomfortable joining in the more frivolous side of the challenge … MND/ALS is still a bit close to the bone at my place.

It’s been twenty years since my late father-in-law was diagnosed, and too short a time between then and its inevitable end. Since then there hasn’t been a day he hasn’t been missed, no event at which we haven’t wished for his presence. His absence is made bittersweet by the genetic evidence he’s left with some of his descendants, particularly his daughter, grand-daughters and the great-grand-daughter he never met … all infected with the same mischief and mayhem, the same joy in life.

So while the Ice Bucket Challenge may be “too successful” I’m not upset about it … and I’m happy to take the graceful exit of donating rather than drenching!







If, like me, you are in South Australia – donate to the MNDASA here, or the Australian body. Elsewhere, Google your local association and give them some money.