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Along with blogging generally, the use of RSS and feed readers is enjoying something of a renaissance. This has had something to do with a growing disillusionment with the privacy-invading nature of leaving your interactions to the social media giants (no names, no pack drill … you know them 🙂 ), and the blossoming IndieWeb movement.

One of the leading voices in that movement is Ton Zijlstra, and in an effort to revitalise the use of RSS, he’s asked those of us who both follow him, and still (again?) use feed readers to share their feed lists: 

Show Me Your Feeds….I’ll Show You Mine


So Ton … here’s mine. There’s some low-volume feeds in there, and no doubt some link-rot as well (sometimes for the worst of reasons – at least one of these bloggers has died recently, but I can’t bring myself to weed the feed). I suspect there are a few of these writers that haven’t yet returned to tending their own gardens rather than someone else’s …