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Following my recent decision to abandon Performancing’s blog editor I have had to go back to the Web to find an alternative. I’ve found Zoundry, which I hadn’t seen before – it’s a Python-based desktop (offline) editor which so far looks reasonable – is WYSIWYG, captures tags, and comes with a Firefox extension to facilitate blog entries from the browser (it purports to pick up some of the page’s blog-related info, like trackback links). It has a preview pane which can use your blog template – haven’t got this happening yet, either because the download/import doesn’t work properly, or it just takes longer than I have time for right now!

I’ve found one annoyance – there is a drop-down box from which you can select from a range of tagging sites – it defaults to Technorati (so I change it to, and it seems that every action you take on the screen will cause the selection to revert to Technorati … Performancing allowed both, but if I can only have one, I’d prefer it to remember that I picked

On a slightly different topic, one of the many roundups of the year-just-gone was Dion Hinchcliffe’s summary of the best Web 2.0 software of 2006, which reminded me of Zoho, which Dion picked as the best Office 2.0 suite. I tried Zoho Writer some time ago, but it was a little immature, and other things came along, so it slid to the back of the shelf. Prompted by Dion’s mention, I had another look, particularly at their Virtual Office package, a groupware/collaboration/wiki thingy, which can be used either on the Web, or downloaded and installed behind the corporate firewall – an option that allows 10 users for free, and more for payment. You won’t be at all surprised that I downloaded and installed it at work, and will soon have a group set up to use it – more comments later, but it’s easy to use and looks much prettier than anything else we’re using!

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